Network for the Inclusion of Music in Music Studies (NIMiMS)


Upcoming NIMiMS events

  • Tim Wise intends to organise a NIMiMS event around music education, at Salford University (UK).

Past events

  • 20 - 22 October 2017: Analysing Popular Music, workshop on the occation of FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE MÚSICA Y DANZA DE GRANADA. Click here for information.
  • 20 - 21 November 2015: symposium organised by Esa Lilja at Helsinki University and at the Helsinki Jazz and Popular Music Conservatory. Presentations focused on two questions. 1. How can music analysis and cultural studies benefit from each other? 2. How can music theory and musical practice benefit from each other?
  • 20 - 23 May 2015: Philip Tagg gives annual  Stevenson lecture at UCLA Herb Alpert Department of Musicology.  Topic: The Trouble with Tonal Terminology.
  • 2 - 6 March 2015: Kaire Maimets and Philip Tagg run semiotic music analysis seminars at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn./a>
  • 27 - 28 February 2015: Music and music studies: tonal issues and terminology: 2-day NIMiMS symposium at the Department of Musicology, University of Helsinki (Finland).
  • 19 February 2015:  Dominants and Dominance: reforming music theory for the 21st century (Philip Tagg); research seminar, School of Music, University of Leeds (UK).
  • 2 - 6 February 2015: masters seminars (Philip Tagg) at the Communication Department, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Galícia/Spain): 1. Introduction to popular music studies; 2. Music analysis for non-musos; 3. Ethics and politics in Morricone’s music for The Mission (1986).
  • 16 - 18 January 2015:  Symposium Including Music in Music Studies, Leeds Beckett University.