Network for the Inclusion of Music in Music Studies (NIMiMS)



Organised as part of the 48th Manuel de Falla International Festival of Music and Dance, 2017, A practically-based workshop exploring musicological approaches to Analysing Popular Music (Analizando músicas populares urbanas) will take place in Granada to mark the 15th anniversary of the death of Joe Strummer.

The workshop has been co-ordinated by Dr. Fernando Berrara (Universidad de Granada) with contributions by Dr. Bob Davis (Leeds Beckett), Dr. Franco Fabri (NIMIMS/Università Statale di Milano), Dr. Steve Parker (Leeds Beckett), Profesor Sergio Lasuén (Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba) and by Professor Philip Tagg (NIMiMS/Liverpool University). Workshops will include Visualising Sound, Musicology in the Recording Studio, Musicological analysis and the video essay, Approaches to analysing popular music.
As part of the weekend, there will be a NIMiMS Symposium directed by NIMiMS Chair, Dr. Esa Lilja (University of Helsinki) to explore approaches to analysing music as sound and to discuss the development of the network as an approach to bringing musicologists interested in music, sound and meaning together.
At this conference we invite papers, performances, presentations (including video), etc. We particularly encourage contributions focusing on ways of placing the sonic materiality of music at the centre of music studies. NIMiMS takes a deliberately wide approach to music studies and prefers to be inclusive rather than exclusive, welcoming topics that explore music of all kinds and of all peoples.
Papers and presentations can be submitted for review as part of the launch of the NIMiMS online Journal, Music as Sound and Meaning. Proposals for papers should be submitted to by September 30, 2017.